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Solace Mist

Last year, Michelle gifted me a basket of Solace Mist- Sweet Dreams for the unit I work on. I am an RN in CCU at Emory and most of us have been separate from our families since March of 2020. Sweet Dreams is in my overnight bag and helps me get the rest I need when I sleep. Thank you Michelle

Meka Morris

Jan 2021

I met Michelle after a friend gave us her phone number. She immediately made us feel super comfortable and relaxed. She's such a loving individual with such a strong loving aura. She was so right on about things that there's absolutely no way she could/would know about us it was simply amazing. She healed my back in 2019. She showed me how I was always worried about my financial situation and feeling like I had no support manifested into a back ache. We did a series of sessions and my back hasn't hurt since. She helped me set goals for myself and feel supported.

Bobby C

June 2020

"It is the most important part of each day for me that clears old or stagnant energy in one touch! Your sacredness is felt in each spray and in each time I use this SolaceMist Clearing. Love It ! Gratitudes, Michelle for your “Heart~Work” in creating SolaceMist !"

​Dasha Bogdanoff-Jerabek

Dec 4, 2019

Michelle is really awesome and highly intuitive which makes sessions very refreshing to be apart of. There is a subtle nature to how her influence calms your mind and heart opening you up to speak more from your inner core. I appreciate her no nonsense approach to a field which requires a sense of empathy and sensitivity and am grateful it is highly effective!

Magic Mike ( The Peace Dealer)

June 2018

I absolutely LOVE Solace Mist. Something about the fragrance pulled me in. Once I started to use it for its fragrance, I also realized what it did for me energetically. It's a total clearing for me. When I spray the mist on, combining it with my other fragrance, not only do I feel so beautiful and elegant.but my energy feels clear. I've never found anything like it. I use it on my face, my body, I spray it in my rooms, in the doorways of the house, I spray it in my closet and on my clothes sometimes, over my bed at night before I go to sleep and also around my body in my energy field. All I have to say is it's amazing. Just try it, and you will fall in love with Solace Mist.


June 2019

Over the past few years life has been very difficult. I was waking up from terrible nightmares and unable to go back to sleep. For the last month I have been using Solace Mist Gratitude spray. I spray it on my wrists and breathe it in deeply. Later in the day during times of stress I will breath in the relaxing scent from my wrists. It is so soothing - mentally, physically and spiritually. At night I spray it on my pillows. The nightmares are gone. Instead of waking up 4 to 8 times a night, I usually only wake up once to use the bathroom. Then I return to bed and promptly fall asleep. This spray feels light, clean and refreshing. The attached bumblebee is an extra bonus which is lovely enough to wear on a necklace. When I teach yoga classes I like to remind my students that our gratitude brings us happiness. I am very grateful for this amazing product. Thank you!" Paula Hixson- Rogers, Ar

Michelle was really good at listening to what I had to say and boy did I feel very confident with her. She is a really wise woman. Our session lasted for a couple hours and I felt more content after.You can really talk to this woman about anything. I do have my man to be my personal listener, but I feel like my emotions cleared up and even though life is always challenging, I felt more healed and grateful after that session. It definitely opened me up to participating more in this kind of thing I never thought I would try out! Would do it again, such a cool experience. I miss seeing her in person. I have another session in Feb 2021 :)


Jan 2021

Solace Mist Clearing is filled with release! As a leader in a company, I found I was carrying others' energies. I spray over my head, breathe deep and repeat!

Peace is incredible. If only I could mist it over the world.

Darla R

Feb 2020

I bought Solace Mist at a book signing for Heather Ash Amara's Warrior Goddess Training. It cleared my energy quickly, I immediately found my center and was able to be in the large crowd I found myself in that weekend. I ordered a few more for my sister in Texas.

Thank you, Michelle, for this work.

Sophia S

June 2016

Michelle's presence is filled with love and kindness, her voice is filled with peace. She has done a few readings for me and each time I am blown away with her gift. She has been very instrumental on my journey, as I grow in my own spirituality and my career. I have gratitude for her and her support, I HIGHLY recommend her.


Feb 2020

I have called on Michelle several times. She is my life coach and has shown me how to own my life again. She is also such a kind and compassionate, and insightful person. I always leave with a greater sense of clarity and peace as a result of our sessions.

Jennifer H

Jan 2020


​I received my order on time and couldn't wait to use it at my work. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist in Mississippi and walked into my treatment room and placed the spray on the shelf by my Himalayan salt lamp and the light went out. My room was cleared. Solace Mist is powerful. Very happy customer and will be ordering again. Thank you Michelle.

Jamie Tamburo

Aug 02, 2018

​​"Solace Mist is a must-have part of my healing practice and I recommend it wholeheartedly for any healer. In the years that I have been participating in indigenous healing traditions, I have had the opportunity to work with essences from all around the world. Solace Mist rates at the top of my favorites! From the Brazilian rainforest to Africa, I have rarely found an energy essence spray with the healing and clearing power found in the wonderful gift by this tremendously talented medicine woman, Michelle. Whether as a part of healing work or just for my own clearing, Solace Mist is a must-have part of my healing practice and I recommend it wholeheartedly for any healer."

Dr. Ayleen Augustine

May 25, 2018