Solace Mist Clearing Salt

Solace Mist Clearing Salt


Call back your power now. What you hold in your hand now is an ancient feminine wisdom power.

Open your hearts and hand as you call your power back now.


Sprinkle Solace Mist Clearing Salt on your carpet at the doorways and rooms that feel heavy to your spirit. Set your intention to stand in your power, fiercely strong and soft as you use Solace Mist Clearing Salt to remove the heavy sick negative energy in your sacred home and space. 


Carpet collects everything so it is often saturated in negative energies once exposed to them. If you have hardwood floors like I do, use Solace Mist clearing salt at your doorways and land.


Being an empath, can feel the heaviness in a room or building and this can be hard to work and live in, Sick rooms and rooms that are high traffic hold onto sick, angry energy that is left behind. 


Sprinkle close to the carpet to avoid dust. Say your intention as you sprinkle on the floor.

You can vacuum right away or leave as long as you like.


You can also sprinkle outside your front door and leave it.

External Use only- Do not inhale or ingest

3oz package

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Reiki Charged

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