Solace Mist - Clearing

Solace Mist - Clearing

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Some people leave lingering energy which may disrupt your concentration or leave you on edge.

You feel like this because you are an empath. You are an empath looking for tools to manage the bombardment of negative energy from external and internal sources.


Solace Mist is a smudging wand in a bottle charged with Reiki and held in that sacred frequency by a rose quartz crystal.


You won't set off fire alarms smudging with Solace Mist Clearing. You are holding a powerful tool to clear your workspace, car, home, sacred space, yoga mat, thrift store items, funky spaces that feel heavy healing. 


Solace Mist is used worldwide by amazing practitioners, consultants, and therapists of all professions, most welcoming, plus it helps to prevent heavy or distracting energies from building up.


  • Use Solace Mist in a doorway to invite positive energy and strip off negativity.
  • Spray around an area you want to clear, any area you want to purify and bless.
  • When outside, stand with your back to the wind and spray three times carrying your intentions/prayers.
  • Use just before meditation or yoga for clarity and focus.
  • Spray after any particularly charged ritual or interaction to “clear the air”.
  • Spray around your light body for personal cleansing.
  • Use anytime you want to spiritually purify a space.
  • Please do not ingest or spray in the eyes.


Organic Sage, White Camphor, Willow bark, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange Oil, Reiki Charged Rose Water, Hamamelis water, Rose Quartz crystals







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