Solace Candle Magick


This black candle has been dressed using an ancient recipe of oils containing frankincense, rosemary, sandalwood, and clove and charged with Reiki energy to banish negative energy. 
I created this to bring protection to your home, office, business or a specific situation in need..

Magickal Uses of Black candles:
• They bring protection.
• They Absorb or remove negativity.
• They Protect from Evil
• They Protect from illness.
•  Black candles are potent and very powerful.
• They are also used for deep states of meditation.
• They are used for grounding.
•  Use it to balance the root chakra.
•  They promote acceptance and forgiveness.
•  The black spell candles should be avoided by people that are prone to depression or going through emotional situations. The black candles are very strong and can drain one energies.
• Black candles absorbs energies.
• They can be used to find hidden things.
• Use it to get rid of a habit.

Light your candle during spell work, meditation, reiki, crystal healing or ritual and visualize your space cleansed from any negative energy. Visualize a bubble of protection surrounding you, your family and space.

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