Sacred Healing Space Package

Sacred Healing Space Package


Set up your space for healing and restoration with our Sacred Space package.

Everything you need to create your energetic healing space so you may heal and heal others around you. You are enough. You are a powerful healer when you choose to heal yourself.

A ritual smudging kit is designed to invite positive vibrations into your life. 

Every bundle comes with purifying Palo Santo sticks, a white sage bundle, a feather, and abalone shell. Natural soy candle sprinkled with Green Adventurine pieces . Each order comes with a healing crystal in a pouch for you to carry, sleep with or have on your altar.

Lead free wick and quality metal-lined wood lid
48 - 50 Hours Burning Time.


I am an eco witch- I am a plant and earth lover I'm sadly aware that the Palo Santo Tree is at risk from overharvesting, so I've gone to great lengths to find a sustainable source. Our Palo Santo is from the Parque Nacional Machalilla in Ecuador. Our harvester has been involved in the careful ecological harvesting of deadwood in this park for over six years. Only the branches and trunks that have fallen naturally are gathered; there is no cutting of any live trees. The harvesters are careful to not damage the areas surrounding the trees and do not create any new footpaths or roads. Sadly most other palo santo on the market is damaging our forests and killing these sacred trees.

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