On the other side of 2020

My family and I have found a place to allow our roots to go deep. Our family has processed tragedy in 2019 then complete isolation beginning Jan 2020. We were living in Santa Clara County when we began our lock down.

The pain of 2019/2020 is still too close for me to share , we are on the other side of this season of pain and pause. Abiding in gratitude for it all, I have been serving full time as a mental health professional. In 2020 I completed my formal training in a field I have been practicing years prior to formal training, I am proud to say I have obtained my PCC with ICF for those of you know and understand the process, I am serving as a mental wellness coach with a strong start up that is providing this support as a benefit to employees.

In 2020 I closed Solace Mist as we moved our family deeper into the pacific northwest.

In 2022 I continued to fill online orders and most shops were still closed that carried Solace Mist. We are grateful for Reach and Teach in San Mateo who continued to serve their community by offering door service to those who placed orders in the store. Reach and Teach, model inspiration and commitment.

In 2021, we were filling online orders and reaching out to stores. The conversations were the same, many small boutiques and metaphysical shoppes closed with no plans of reopening. Meanwhile I am continuing to complete additional formal education that supports my value of mental wellness. I began working full time sharing techniques, exploring with clients what there values are, diving into cognitive distortions and diffusion from distortions. This is what I anchored into in 2018 for myself and then 2019 for my family 2020 serve my clients. I wake every morning eager to log in as I serve five clients a day. I am in my element. Solace Mist is also my work in this world and as the world finds its sense of norm again, I am noticing that orders are picking up. I believe in what Solace Mist offers me and others who use it. I believe in your magic and I am sharing mine. Go make your own magic! We need tools in this painful world to support healing and magic is real.

We live deep in the pacific northwest and I have a dedicated room for Solace Mist.

My passion was to create a tool for empaths to feel empowered using organic, sustainable and effective techniques which are encouraged to become customizable for each person. It was my intention all along to teach others to make their own tools and help them become aware of how to manage being empathic. That room is calling me again. I am seeing orders coming in and I am watching the engagement increase on this site. I have forgiven myself for not keeping the info on my site up to date, I think we are all doing the best we can do.

Lately I have participated in the farmers market scene here in the PNW. It feels good to connect again with others. We have lived here for two years and only now are we connecting to others. Many festivals in our area is keeping us busy and listening for how we can fan the flame that is Solace Mist. Our child grew up with Solace Mist. She was the inspiration for creating it. She had night terrors and the physician wanted to medicate her. I went to the library and researched using essential oils and crystals for sleep and restoration. I had already completed my Reiki Master training and I went home and created a sacred space

invited our child and created the first bottle of Solace Mist Sweet Dreams. She took it into her room and sprayed the monsters away. She hasn't had nightmares since. She is 20 years old now and still uses it.

I am grateful. I love my family and we are healthy. We are protected and guided.

How are you feeling grateful lately? What is most important to you? How do you set boundaries? Did you know you can use Solace Mist Clearing as a way to set a boundary.

You will become aware of what your energy is verses someone else's energy by setting a physical, energetic boundary that represents your decision to walk away from toxic spaces and as you walk away, not letting it stick to you or your thoughts. I have customers email me asking me how to use Solace Mist Clearing. I will be posting a short video on how to explore this for yourself :)

Are you having invasive thoughts? Feelings of not being enough?

Whose voice is this ?

I like to keep these questions in mind when I hear invasive thoughts, creating a mist around my body and space of Clearing reminds me of who I am and what I am not. I am able to find my center and remove sticky heavy negative scattered energy.

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