Between Worlds

Once again, this etheric curtain is transparent, a fine drapery hanging over the mystery and wonder of the eternally divine that connects all things. This is my work, my calling in this world. Supporting the process of mental health and mental wellness. I have a knowing wrapped around me like a blanket.

To me, Solace Mist is way more than a clearing mist. I know this my life's heart work.

As a caretaker, mental wellness provider and moon mama, I know the importance of extreme self care and knowing my center.

I walk in gratitude for this work that seasons every year. The coming and going and coming back home to self.

My consciousness filter is based on my belief that all life is a shared part of the collective consciousness.

We are all sheltered by the truth of who we are; we are connected

and share a more extensive loving life force. Rain cleans the air, and the earth can heal once more. The wheel turns, and the days are shortened. Letting go

Preparing for what the meteorologist calls the harshest winter

in the history of Western Washington.

Welcoming the winter. Feeling the weights and burdens of old

stories and old programs. Winterizing our hens.

Choosing to not hold on too tightly, asking for grace to let go.

Healing ancestral karma. Over the years, breaking generational curses.

Descending into darkness, shedding what no longer serves me every year I am shedding. The path to the underworld is well-worn for me. In shadow, I have found my clarity.

In gratitude, I have found my peace.

If you are in San Mateo, California, you can pick up a bottle of Solace Mist Clearing or Sweet Dreams as you stop in and visit our friends Craig and Derrick at Reach and Teach.

Every item Craig and Derrick offers at Reach and Teach focuses entirely on Gender Equality, Sustainable Living, and Peacemaking. Books, toys, puzzles, games, green lifestyle products, teacher resources, mental wellness, and fair trade gifts for all ages.

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