Our son will soon be 18, last summer, Noah created a catnip mist out of his love for our cats and "cats all over the world".

He calls it "Wicked Kitty Catnip Bliss Mist "

His mantra is "Creating magical love mist for all the felines in the world."

 In 2010, I created a sleep mist for him, my daddy and Noah named it "Sweet Dreams" because I grew up with my father kissing my forehead goodnight while wishing me Sweet Dreams.

My granny Shaw taught me how to grow from the earth and use herbs and soups for healing. She was a powerful healer. She is one of my spirit guides now. I feel her guiding me as I fill orders and tend my garden. She was an honest woman, a  healer.

In 2008 I began collecting blue glass.


I was terminally ill from a rare disease and felt very attracted to blue glass.


We had a recycling center not far from our home. I had a dream of having a tree of blue glass. A bottle tree. I didn't understand why I was so obsessed with having a bottle tree but my husband helped me collect bottles and drill holes to hang them. I had dreams of the blue glass and the music they made in the wind.

 I went into a shamanic journey and a bee named "She" came to me showing me the energy we all vibrate at and how we attract the frequency we are vibrating at. I saw silver bees and blue bottles. I showed a friend the mist I made our son and she placed it in her boutique in downtown Campbell, California. It sold out within a week. She became my Reiki Master and mentor and she is the reason I had the confidence to share my work with the world. 

I created Solace Mist for our son twelve years ago. He is a strong empath and was picking up everyone's anxiety around him. Being diagnosed with Autism, he was also managing empathy. I would smudge his room before he would go to sleep and this caused our fire alarm to go off too often. I noticed this and decided he was still too young to be trusted to use a burning sage bundle to smudge himself so I created a mist he could use to keep him safe. We had the problem of our fire alarm going off every time I smudged his bedroom.

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